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What is Beard Balm?

Beard balm is a product with a mixture of several ingredients, most of which include things such as Beeswax, Shea butter, essential oils, carrier oils, and fragrances. Its purpose is to help keep your beard hair soft and healthy, provide slight control over your beard, tame fly away hairs, as a styling agent and will generally add a little shine. When you use beard balm, your beard will look and present a whole lot better. Instead of looking dry and frizzled out, beard balm will help make sure that your beard simply looks great.

Beeswax in beard balm gives your beard a slight hold and styling properties to an extent. Unlike beard wax which gives you the ultimate hold that your beard can achieve, the beeswax in beard balm is only just a slight hold at best. In addition to giving you a better hold on your beard, beeswax also helps to lock in the moisture given off by the other ingredients in the balm.

Pure Shea butter adds a couple layers of benefits when it comes to beard balm.  First off, its extremely rich in moisture.  Butters help provide an ample amount of moisture for your beard. This is critical, especially if you live in a cooler or dry climate.  The butter in beard balm makes sure that your beard will remain healthy throughout the day. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, is that butters actually improve the spread ability of the balm itself. Simply put, if butter wasn’t included in beard balm, trying to apply the balm would be an incredibly tough process and take a very long time for the actual wax to melt.